Womens Fashion Headwrap Hairband Thick Rayon


A simple headband or turban cap is sometimes all your need to finish off that killer outfit. Or maybe sometimes its just that little something that helps you look presentable in public when you run down to walmart in your pajamas. It's all about balance, right? Doing our hair everyday can be tiresome and really, who is bothered these days? (If you are, what is your secret? Is it hidden in your fabulous hair?) Either way, this turban headwrap is the perfect accessory to add to your collection - Sometimes not so exciting with beautiful patterns, but a little more subtle, is bold enough to stand out and look sickening. Rayon 95% 5% Spandex Design in Osaka, created ethically in Bali Best suits headsizes 54-60cm / 21.2-24in Washing instructions: For all our products, we recommend hand-washing with delicate washing detergent. After washing, roll up your item in a towel, squeeze gently until the excess water has come out and then hang in a shaded area to dry.