Womens 100% Linen Bandana Cap - Chemo Head Wrap Unisex Haircover Mens Summer Hat


Ready to ship bandana made in Osaka, Japan - This 100% Linen bandana cap is constructed to be robust and withstand everyday use.

Linen has many benefits as like wine, it grows better with age. Every wash and wear is beneficial to the material,
as it grows softer the more you use it. Vintage linen is practically impossible to replicate, as getting that same softness
takes decades to imitate – So this bandana cap is definitely a great investment and will last you a lifetime!

Linen is a great moisture aborbing material.
So, if you work in a high demanding sector such as cafe/restaurant work/hospitality or construction, this linen
bandana will keep the sweat and hair from your face while releasing the moisture into the air so you don't feel stuffy.
The last thing you'd want in a stressful environment is to be uncomfortable physically too.

This bandana cap is a great and affordable investment that will literally last you lifetimes!

One Size Fits All

Made ethically in Bali by our friends in Paradise!

NOTE: There is a chance that the colour will run from this bandana cap, so we ask you to ‼️HAND WASH SEPARATE‼️ Thank you!