Wide Headband Bandana for Women - Mens Large Hair Turban Head Wraps Boho Band


Ready to ship, this bandana headband is fitted with elastic at the back to fit a range of head sizes.
The material is 100% cotton, so is safe for all skin types.

Made in a range of popular winter and fall colours, especially Mustard Yellow and Burgundy Red which seem to be picking up this year.

Wear it to your next hot yoga lesson, volunteering, cafe work, outdoor activities or dressing up!

Suitable for headsizes 54cm ~ 60cm (21.2inches ~ 23.6inches)

Made ethically in Bali

100% Cotton

Washing instructions:
For all our products, we recommend hand-washing with delicate washing detergent. After washing, roll up your
item in a towel, squeeze gently until the excess water has come out and then hang in a shaded area to dry.