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The Soft Air - Wide Beak


We've recently designed the Soft Air a ladies wide beaked sun hat in Osaka, Japan. Japan summers are very hot with high humidity levels. Direct sun light on the skin quickly raises the temperature and Japanese people take all sorts of precautions to guard against sun burn and premature ageing.
The wide beak sun hat has many features that make it a practical and fashionable head piece to have this summer. The front brim is specially made to block UVA and UVB rays by 99%.

This protects the face from sun burn and premature ageing. The inside of the hat is lined with a mesh that increase ventilation and breathability, reducing stuffiness and making the hat much more comfortable to wear for long periods. Sweat absorbent fabric is lined across the hat where it touches the forehead, preventing sweat from running into your eyes and face. As the main body is completely soft it can be wrapped up and folded away into your bag when not in use. The fabric is 100% cotton, completely natural and soft against the skin.

It is also anti-wrinkle so it can be worn when unfolded without any concerns. Finaly, the entire hat weighs less than 50 grams, exactly the kind of head gear you want to be wearing when the heat is baring down on you! The wide beak sun hat has a slight baggy and slouch silhouette which helps keep air moving.

We've compiled a lot of features from other products into this hat and we hope it serves you well in keeping fashionable and safe this summer.

Made from : 100% Cotton main body, 100% Polyester mesh Lining