The Ultra Thin Sports Headband


The new age of workout headbands has arrived!

Towel-like material hair bands are thick, uncomfortable, squeeze the bejeezus out of you and in the end, stinks like the bog of eternal stench - yuck. Not to mention fashionably outdated by like, 20 years.

Casualbox has now brought out the new high standard of workout and yoga headbands!
This headband does not slip even on the finest hair, asorbs all moisture, has UV cutting properties and is an incredible 0.5mm thin!

I know one thing for certain is that if I constantly have to adjust my headband while running on the tredmil or during a set, it can really stop that ball rolling. We do not want that, do we?

Focus on those gains, smash it at the gym and get fit!

Material: 87% Polyester, 13% Rayon

Brand: CHARM

Size: Free size - suits all head sizes thanks to our headband?fs incredible stretch.


Washing instructions: Just throw it into the washing machine and hang dry - no dramas!