The UV Cut Summer Du Rag - SALE


This sports bandana cap is great for those who spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer months. Whether it is practicing basketball, working at a construction site or you're just an outdoor-sy kind of person!

LUMIACE-UV is a polyester material with a modified cross-section fiber incorporating high-density special ceramics. Using capillary action in the modified cross-section, the material helps skin feel dry by quickly absorbing and diffusing sweat and moisture from the skin.
In addition, its special ceramic material shades the skin from the sunlight and provides a high level of blocking out of UV ray penetration.

Basically our new sports du-rag helps the wearer feel dry through outstanding sweat absorbency and quick drying.
It cuts UV rays using a special ceramic polyester material.

Material: LUMIACE-UV Polyester

Size: Free Size/One Size Fits All