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The Unicolor Cooling Summer Bandana


Our in-house designed bandanas are easy to wear and secure around the head.

The main body fits on the head then 2 threads are tied off and can be left loose or tucked away.

As soon as the threads are tied off the bandana shape is complete without need for readjusting. The bandana is made of 100% Rayon so it can be machine washed.

The 100% Rayon makes it an ideal item for warm weather when sweat can perspire. Rayon is lightweight and durable making it the prefered fabric of choice for sports clothing.

It is made from wood pulp which makes it a semi-synthetic fabric and is therefore more biodegradable and environmentally friendly than other synthetic products.

One size fits most: Fits head sizes 56 cm - 61cm (22 inches - 24 inches)