Skull Cap - The TREY - 100% Cotton


The TREY skull cap is hand sewn from 100% cotton. Cotton is kind to those who have sensitive skin and react to un-natural fibers. 100% Cotton clothing is also breathable, low-maintenance since it tends to not retain odors, therefore needing less washes and doesn’t stretch out of shape.

The materials’ structure creates an elasticated property so it fits well for a range of head sizes (55-60cm/21.5 - 23.6 inches) without causing any uncomfortable pressure to build.

The skull cap is available in 3 designs for men and women. Thanks to its’ elasticity it will fit those with both long or short hair.

Material: 100% Cotton

Brand: Charm

Size: Fits Head Sizes: 55-60cm (21.5 - 23.6 inches)

*Note: Since our products are not machine made, some inconsistencies may occur. Please message us if you have any questions!