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The Stone Design - Ribbed Ladies Beanie

  • $3200

One of our hottest sellers in Japan is now finally available overseas. The hat's large striking embroidery on the side, decorated with shiny stones give the hat an elegant yet youthful and playful appearance. It's the perfect fashion accessory for ladies of all ages. The main body of the hat is made of many many tiny folds which give a slightly layered effect and an interesting texture. The hat has a loose fit and has tags stitched into the back to maintain its shape. Because of this the hat can be easily put on and requires little to no rearranging. As we've designed the hat to be tall it can be pulled all the way over your ears. Wear the hat in a number of different ways to suit your mood and style. Aside from wearing it outdoors the hat is also excellenty suited to be worn when staying in and lounging around the house.

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