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The Shirring Designed Beanie


We've designed this summer hat with both design and practicallity in mind. The shirring fabric is light and loosely woven allowing your skin to breathe and keeping your head cool even on a summer's day. Design wise we have outfitted the hat with a flower shaped ribbon attached off-center.

We have sewn tags into the back of the hat to help maintain its shape. This makes it easy to put on without the need for much adjusting. The hat can be arranged in a number of ways to suit your mood and personal style. You can wear it all the way over your ears or loosely around the top of your hat, for a more casual slouchy look.

Aside from being a great hat for going out, our beanie can also be worn around the house or even as a formal hat.

*Please note that prolonged exposure to rain or sweat can cause the headband to give off color. if the headband gets wet we recommend air drying it.

Made from 100% Polyester

Free size - Fits approximate headsizes of: 22 to 23.2 inches