The Ribbon Dancer Headband


Our latest release which is sure to be a fan favourite - The Ribbon Twist Headband!

Similar to one of our most popular headbands - The Dancer - This headband features an adjustable knot so you can change your look in seconds! This hair band has a variety of styles and ways of wearing all in one, so adjust, twist, pull - Whatever your mood is, our new Ribbon Twist Head band is sure to suit.

The Ribbon Twist Headband is perfect for Yoga, Jogging, the Gym or just as a simple fashion accessory, it really is that versatile! This bandana is made from viscose, which feels silky and wicks away sweat with ease.

Brand: CHARM

Material: Viscose, Rayon and Spandex

Size: Best suited for head sizes between 21.2 and 23.2 inches (54 to 59 cm)