The Pirate Turban Bandana Cap


Have you ever looked at crumpled tissue paper which you thought “That’s a really nice texture, I wish I could wear that” – No? Well, I guess we’re glad that we thought of it first! If you did think that, even just once, well your dreams have come true!

...Or maybe you just thought “I wanna be a pirate” – We’ve also got you covered.

Our new bandana cap with additional ribbons (oh yes, they’re free – Amazing, right?) is the perfect addition to your outfit or cosplay. We’ve had great success with our headband version, so we thought let’s make a turban cap too!

This shirring bandana cap is great for all hair styles, but we suggest that it’d look absolutely fantastic on those with giant curls. If you ever purchase one of these with the hair style mentioned, be sure to send us a selfie – We’re sure you look absolutely amazing.

Material: 100% Rayon

Brand: Charm

Size; Width: 25cm, Height: 19cm (9.84 inches x 7.48inches)