Kids Headband - The Pile Tuck

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We're happy to present the kids version of our Made in Japan Pile Tuck headband, delivering the quality you would expect.

Just like it's adult counterpart, the headband is designed and engineered for casual wear and sports use. It can be worn at the playground, at the sports club or just when you and your child are out and about. The 75% cotton of the fabric is kind to your child's skin and has anti-irritation properties to prevent any uncomfortable sensations during perspiration. The anti-bacterial processing and odor resistance will ensure longer freshness when worn during sports or in daily life. The Headband is made from layered highly absorbent fabric, ensuring it`ll keep sweat from building up and out of your child's hair and face. We`ve added 5% spandex to create stretch, what you would expect from a good headband for sports use. Please note; The tags used to maintain the headband`s shape may alter according to the time of ordering.