The Paintballer's Companion - 3 Hole Ski Mask

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Whether you're out in sub-zero temperatures, playing a game of paintball or you just feel like instantly becoming a ninja, this balaclava is the headwear you're looking for! The thick material from our new face cover will protect your skin from the harsh winter environment and keep you warm with its high heat absorption technology.

Our hot wool material conducts heat from your body temperature and keeps you nice and toasty throughout the day. So, there's no need to worry if the wind will travel through the beanie while you're skiing, snowboarding, cycling, fishing or whatever winter hobby you're into! This ski mask will protect you from the cold - warm, toasty head guaranteed.

Also the 3-hole winter mask doubles as a beanie! So when you're on the way to the bank and you don't want to look too conspicuous, just roll it up and you're good to go! (Please don't actually rob any banks, okay?).

Material: Rayon: 40%, Wool 35%, Acrylic 15%, Nylon 10%

Brand: Edge City

Size: Neck opening: 21cm, Length: 37cm (8.2 inches x 14.5 inches long).