Skull Cap - The Linen Kufi Skull Cap


Based on Middle Eastern fashion, we are bringing skull caps to the West! Skullcaps, also known as kufi hats are widely worn in parts of Africa and Asia.

Made with Linen, this skull cap is slightly elastic creating a just tight fit for most head sizes.

Because of the knitting pattern, the skullcap allows your skin to breathe and will keep you from feeling stuffy even when you are wearing it the whole day.

Linen has great insulating properties which means you can comfortably wear the skully on warmer days as well as in autumn or winter. 

A simple and timeless design that goes well with your favourite outfit, you'll love to wear it on any occasion.

Looks great on men and women of all ages!

Brand: Charm

Fabric: 75% Linen 25% Cotton

One size fits most: Dimensions when laid flat 6.2 x 5.5 inches (16 x 14cm)