The KUTA 3 way Headband Neckwarmer Beanie


CHARM has brought back one of their most popular designs - The 3-way
Tornado beanie - This time perfect for the transition into the warmer months.

The mesh-like material creates a breathable structure and is made
from Polyester, known for its durability, colorfastness
and resists wrinkles. This watch cap is also machine-washable and you can throw
it into the dryer without any fear of shrinkage.

The 3-way Tornado design means that it can turn into a neckwarmer/circle scarf,
headband AND beanie. Three items for the price of one! What more could you want?

Material: Polyester

Brand: Charm

Size; Width: 28cm, Height: 30cm (11.02 inches x 11.8inches)