Beanie Hat - The Gradient Beanie - 100% Cotton

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Our brand new gradient beanie is made from 100% cotton, making it breathable to prevent overheating and doesn't retain odors. The gradient beanie is sure to become the new staple in your wardrobe as it adds a stylish yet simple touch to any outfit. As the material is insulating you can wear it all year round!

Designed for everyone!
This winter beanie has a loose yet secure fit and you can arrange it in a number of ways to suit your mood and style.

Fold the cuff to create a classic cuffed beanie look or leave it as to create a more slouchy and bulky silhouette. You can even pull it down all the way to your eyes for extra comfort and warmth in winter.

Gradient clothing has been trending in Japan, so with this new beanie you?fll be ahead of the fashion game amongst your friends!

Material: 100% Cotton

Size: when laid flat is approximately 20cmx23cm (7.8x9 inches).