Slouchy Beanie - The 100% Cashmere Beanie Hat


Optimal comfort for you

Our beanies are made in Japan using only the highest quality cashmere wool.
The extremely soft fabric provides you with great wearing comfort.

The oversized design allows you to wear the beanie in a number of ways to suit your style and mood.
Wear it baggy as is, or fold the cuff to create a tighter beanie design. It's up to you.

With its simple yet elegant ribbed design, the beanie suits men and women and goes well with just about any outfit.
Whether dressing up or down, this will be your go-to headwear.

The beanie's light weight (only 1.59 oz!) makes you almost forget you're wearing it at all. It also makes the beanie
easily stored away in your bag or purse when not needed.

What is Cashmere?

Cashmere is considered to be the most luxurious of natural fibres.
It is made from the wool of the Kashmir goat, found in the countries such as Mongolia and Nepal.

Cashmere is extremely lightweight and comfortable, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

One of the major benefits of cashmere clothing is it?fs adaptability to temperature, due to the high moisture content of the wool. In the winter it will keep you warm and insulated, yet it will ensure you stay cool in the summer.
Cashmere is also extremely long lasting. If it is properly cared for, a cashmere item will last a lifetime.

Brand - Charm

Material - Cashmere wool

One size fits most - Best fits headsizes of 21.2 to 23.6 inches