The Camelia Tsubaki Bandana Hairband


In Japan, the seasons are very distinct and arrive in a very timely manner. And with the seasons changing, so do the flora and fauna. For the Japanese, if you ask someone 'What flower do you think of in the winter?' they would usually answer with 'Tsubaki', which means Camellia in Japanese. They have become a symbol of humility and admiration, and often given between loved ones.

Camellia, or Tsubaki, are a big deal in Japan and very infused into the culture, and so we decided to take this culturally important symbol and print it on one of our latest headbands.

The headband is made from Rayon, which is great at wicking away sweat, so be sure to wear this headband on your morning job, hot yoga class or as the last addition to today's outfit.

Material: Rayon 100%

Size: Best fits sizes 56cm to 60cm (22 inches ~ 23.6 inches).