Slouchy Beanie - The BIG BabyTerry Cotton Beanie


The latest addition to our beanie range is our super baggy oversized beanie! It?fs made mostly from cotton with a touch of polyester. Cotton is great for those with sensitive skin and is a very breathable material, while Polyester is a durable material which prevents wrinkles and keeps shape.

The "BabyTerry" design has a grainy effect but soft to touch and very lightweight! This watch cap will keep you warm
during the colder months, but absorb moisture and in turn regulate your temperature during the warmer months.

The flat 'top' to the beanie gives that extra slouch look, and for those on the larger head sizes, this beanie will
still fit well without squeezing your head and give a smaller look.

Material: Cotton 80% Polyester 20%

Brand: Charm

Size; Width: 31cm, Height: 25cm (12.2 inches x 9.84inches)