The Nopo 2.0 100% Organic Cotton Womens Sun Hat


The latest Organic Cotton sun hat to be released, designed to protect you from premature aging and practical daily use.

"Practical? Why??" You say? The reason why we say our new hat is practical is that you can easily fold up to a quarter of its size and store it away into your bag without damage!

One of the things we noticed that bothered our customers the most is that they love to wear wide brim hats, but when going indoors they become a bother to carry around.

Not only is it convenient to carry around, the outer material features our brand new reinforced polyester, which increases protection from dangerous UV rays around the head and face, preventing burns and premature ageing.

Here at Casualbox, we really try to use as many natural materials as possible. We understand not only is it good for our customers, but for the environment too! That's why we love to use Organic Cotton.

Organic Cotton not only leaves a smaller ecological footprint on the earth, it is also fair trade.
Fairtrade means the farmers who pick and produce the cotton for our hats have been fairly paid and work in good conditions.

Size: One size fits most. Best suited for head sizes 56-58cm (22-22.6 inches)

Brand: CHARM

Material: Inner: 100% Organic Cotton, Outer: 100% UV CUT Polyester
Washing instructions: For all our products, we recommend hand-washing with delicate washing detergent. After washing, roll up your item in a towel, squeeze gently until the excess water has come out and then hang in a shaded area to dry