The Ultra Thin Sports Beanie


Sports beanies have been on the rise, and with the recent release of our incredibly thin sports headband, we've decided to release a fitness beanie with the same high-quality material!

This is the new high standard of fitness accessories. Are you ready for the revolution?

When you're pushing your body to its limit, you rely on your clothing to help you reach your next personal best without a hitch. You wouldn't wear a headband that squeezes your head, giving you a headache nor would you wear a beanie that is sloppy, wet and can slip right off, either.

Why wear a low quality, underperforming beanie that can break your concentration? As we all know, mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness when it comes to your workout.

Be prepared with our high-performance material sports beanie.

✅ Incredibly lightweight Cooling Sports Material, only 0.5mm thin! - You'll forget that you're even wearing this sports beanie unless you take a glance in the mirror to check out your awesome body
Moisture absorption and release - Breathable fibre with micropores that quickly absorb moisture and release.
Breathable material - No more stuffiness!
Anti-odor, self-deodorising - Works for you while you work out, removing any unsightly odors for you.
Sweat-wicking - Within one minute, the sweat absorbing material wicks away moisture and begins to the release it into the air.
Machine Washable - Who has time to handwash anything these days? Especially if you just hit the gym after work. Toss it into the washing machine, no worries.
Made in Japan - Our sports hats are made to the highest quality standards by our small team in Osaka.

Size: One size fits all. Approximate size when laid flat 24cm x 22cm (9.4inches x 8.6inches)

Brand: Charm

Made in Japan

Washing instructions: Just throw it into the washing machine and hang dry - no dramas!