Sports Beanie - The Dralon


The Dralon beanie uses fabric that is developed by German fabric technology company "Bayer" and is made in Japan.

The beanie can be worn in cold conditions and also hot environment as the fabric is designed to remove sweat from the wearers skin and is therefore also comfortable to wear during sports.

The fabric itself is spun from cotton and acrylic using special techniques which causes capillary like structures in the material to form. These are the same type of structures that are used in plants transpiration systems to move water around the organism.

A natural anti-fungal product is included during the manufacture process which prevents odor causing bacteria from producing unpleasant smells.

One size fits all.

Approximate dimensions when flat 9 inches long and 11 inches wide. Fits 22 - 23.5 inches head sizes.

Made from : 50% Cotton 50% Acrylic