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The Mesh Border Reversible Wide Headband


Charms all season, reversible, Mesh Border Reversible wide headband. Each headband can be worn with either side showing to alter your appearance. The lightly speckled material on both sides is designed to give a slightly grainy look which adds to the texture.
Suitable for men and women.
The fabric is woven into a mesh giving it a soft feel and elastic properties. Easy to stretch and wear, it will always be comfortable even when worn for long periods. Stylish indoors and out.

The headband is easy to shape and wear which makes it a great item for those not used to wearing headbands. One size fits all. Approximate dimensions when flat 9.8 inches wide 11.4 inches high.
Made from : 70% Polyester 30% acrylic


Casualbox Japan, always following the latest Japanese and Korean Fashion trends.