Slouchy Beanie - The Organic Cotton Monstera Beanie


Available in 3 different colour variations, the latest addition to our Organic Cotton beanie range is sure to please.

Not only is it made from Organic Cotton, which is environmentally friendly and fair trade, it is partnered with its equally ecofriendly material kin, Linen!

Did you know the oldest piece of linen dates back 36,000 years in Georgia? Not only does Linen (literally) last ages, it grows stronger and softer with every wash - Definitely a great investment!

Washing and care instructions: We recommend hand-washing with warm water, then hang to air dry. Because linen is an organic fiber made from flaxseed there may be some stray bits of linen which is a bit rougher than the rest. Of course this will soften with time, but to speed up the process we can recommend ironing your beanie while pulling gently at the material.

Material(s):Outer: Linen, Inner: Organic Cotton

Size:One size fits most - This beanie fits head sizes of 21.2 to 23.2 inches (54 to 59 cm)