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The Nano Mix - Negative Ion Infused

  • $1700

The Dyed Nano mix 3 way headband is called a 3 way item as it can be worn in three ways, as a beanie, a headband and as a neck warmer. Its` elsatic properties mean it will keep its` shape and position when worn on the head without causing a build up of pressure.

Not just a stylish and practical item for casual or sports wear. Utilising the benefits of negative ions on the body, the Dyed Nano inner layer uses advanced fabric technology, as approved by the Japanese Atopic Association.

Negatives ions are typically found in environments where nature is bountiful, for example along coast lines, forests and mountains.
The following are health benefits from increasing the bodies exposure to negative ions:

1 - Maintaining and preventing the decline of the immune system.

2 - Strengthen the function of automic nerves.

3 - Improving the condition of dermatitis and skin allergies in patients.

4 - Improving the healing process of skin affected by irritation.

5 - Improving the skins ability to heal ulcers.

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