The Tag Wide Sweatband


Designed and engineered for casual wear and sports use, The Tag Wide Sweatband is a very functional moisture wicking headpiece to ensure your comfort and style!

The anti-bacterial processing and odor resistance will ensure longer freshness when worn during sports or in daily life. The 75% cotton of the fabric is kind to your skin and has anti-irritation properties to prevent any uncomfortable sensations during perspiration.

The Headband is made from layered highly absorbent fabric, ensuring it`ll keep sweat from building up and out of your hair and face

Even after dry cleaning the Headband maintains it`s soft fluffy texture so it can be worn straight out of the machine without delay!

We`ve added 5% spandex to create stretch, what you would expect from a good headband for sports use.

Were happy to present our Made in Japan Pile Tuck headband, delivering the quality you would expect. Also suitable for women One size fits all - Approximate dimensions when flat 7.5 inches long and 6.3 inches wide.
Made from : Cotton 75% Nylon 20% Spandex 5%