Slouchy Beanie - The Linen 3-way Summer Beanie


CHARM has brought back one of their most popular designs - The 3-way Tornado beanie! This time made from 100% LINEN, perfect for the transition into the warmer months.

The 3-way Tornado design means that it can turn into a neckwarmer/circle scarf, headband AND beanie. Three items for the price of one! What more could you want?

Linen has many benefits as like wine, it grows better with age. Every wash and wear is beneficial to the material, as it grows softer the more you use it. Vintage linen is practically impossible to replicate, as getting that same softness takes decades to imitate - So this beanie is definitely a great investment and will last you a lifetime!

This baggy beanie has a unique silhouette with a layered structure which gives volume to the wearer. As the beanie is made from Linen, it is highly moisture absorbent and it can absorb as much as 1/5 of its weight before feeling damp or wet - in turn acting as a great cooling system.

Material: 100% Linen

Brand: Charm

Size; Width: 30cm, Height: 27cm (11.8 inches x 10.6inches)