The Marble Arrange Turban Headband


Our most popular Arrange series item to appear. Each individually dyed for a unique pattern.
Suitable for men and women. The headband is made from a single large band which is doubled up in a loop and then worn around the head head, see the video below on how to wear. It is completely re-adjustable to suit your mood, you`ll never tire of the design.

Made from 90% Rayon the soft and elastic fabric, when twisted, forms wrinkles that add to the texture of the material.

Even works well as sports wear for a stylish impression. As accessories go, this is our recommendation.

Please note, Because of the dyeing process no 2 Rayon Headbands are the same and we are unable to make a headband pattern specific to your wishes.

Also, Please wash separately from other items as dis-coloring may occur.

One size fits all. Approximate dimensions when flat: length 20.1 inches width 6.7 inches.
Made from : Rayon 90% Spandex 10%

See this video on how to wear the arrange headband (product shown in the video differs to the item on this shopping page).