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Down Neck Warmer scarf


The neck warmer scarf from Charm is able to be light weight and thin by taking advantage of the highly insulating properties of feather down. Typicaly used for duvets, pillows and jackets, feather down is excellent at trapping heat.

One open segment allows the neck warmer to be fed through itself, making it easy to keep a snug fit around your neck. Feather down is only in the segments that are close to your neck which help make the scarf lighter and less bulky. The attached rubber band makes it easy to bundle the scarf at any time and store it away tidily.

The neck warmer is available in a total of 4 colors and in 2 patterns, striped and native. It is suitable for men and women of all ages.

Approximate dimensions when flat 88cm long and 10 cm wide / 34.5 inches by 4 inches.