The Arrange Tag Sweatband


During the dyeing process of the fabric, it is manufactured for anti-bacterial properties which help reduce unpleasant odors. It`s soft, even straight out of the wash, so there is minimal irritation to the skin. And of course it`s highly water absorbent so sweat won`t bother you.

5% spandex in the headband makes the whole head piece very elastic so it`ll stay in place, controlling your hair, but it won`t cause pressure to build on your head.

The Arrange Tag Sweatband works as a functional piece of head ware that looks after your hair, helps you during exercise and gives you a stylish look appropriate in many occasions.

Fits 56 - 61 cm / 22 - 23.5 inches.
Made from : 75% Cotton 20% Nylon 5% Spandex

See this video on how to wear the arrange headband (product shown in the video differs to the item on this shopping page).