Neck Gaiter - The Super Stretch Denim Circle Scarf Neck Warmer


Winter is coming!

This neck warmer will keep the cool wind from harshly breaking against your skin. It will also keep you
warm to what it appears will be a very cold and unforgiving winter!

Our neck gaiter are made with dual layering to ensure extra protection from the cold and wind. This is especially
handy if you are a motorcyclist, a cycling enthusiast or prone to cold weather.

These tube scarves proved to be quite popular here in Japan, and at such an affordable price is there a reason to say no?!

Made in Japan

Material: Cotton 31%, Polyester 66%, Polytheurane 3%

Incredibly stretchy, approximate size at 28cm long, 24cm wide (11 inches x 9.45 inches)

Brand: CHARM by Casualbox

Washing Instructions: For all our products, we recommend hand-washing with a washing detergent for delicates. After washing, roll up
your item in a towel, squeeze gently until the excess water has come out and hang in a shaded area to dry.