About Us

We call it Amemura, which is short for America Mura, or American Village. It's the fashion district of Osaka, Japan, where western products first got imported into Japan on a commercial scale about 60 years ago. It became a fashion and cultural epicentre in Japan with all the trendy people packing it out every evening.

There were western products and Japanese products, with nothing in between. The differences were extreme and it took about 30 years before the designs began to mix.

We had our first physical hat shop in Amemura about 20 years ago. Our designs of hats were part of the new cultural mix between east and western design. But only selling in Amemura meant that the blend of designs was only going to get so far, probably not even out of Osaka. 

We've been selling online in Japan for about 12 years and now want to see what people outside of Japan think of the designs and products.

Most headbands are either highly decorative or limited to just sports use. We are aiming for something more casual and trendy, but also practical and which can be used for outdoor activities.

We are now a team of 6 that I design everything with. We get help from a small separate company who make some of our products with sewing machines. It's all handmade and made from the designs that we've been working on since I started the "Charm" brand.

As a brand, we focus on making items that are easy to wear, create a fashionable appearance and are also easy to put away in your bag.

We have more items listed on Etsy too, worldwide shipping available:



Thanks for reading about us, we hope to hear from you soon!