About Us

Casualbox is a small company based in Minami-Horie, Osaka, Japan.

We had our first physical hat shop in Amemura, Osaka’s fashion and pop culture district, about 20 years ago. The designs of our hats were part of the new cultural mix between eastern and western design. But only selling in Amemura meant that the blend of designs was only going to get so far, probably not even out of Osaka.

Now, 13 years later, Casualbox sells on all kinds of platforms around the globe.

With the expansion and experience of working with different manufacturers, along with the current fast fashion crisis, we have diverted our focus to ecofriendly materials and ethical practices.

All of our items are made at fair trade companies that are family run, as well as our own small factory in Bali. We provide the local community with jobs and accomodation, and CEO Satoshi make several trips a year to check that everything is running smoothly and our workers are being treated fairly.

We hope that our vision for headwear matches yours, and that we can provide you with the best ethical and fair trade fashion from Osaka - Japan’s fashion capital of the south!

We have more items listed on Etsy too, worldwide shipping available: