The 3 Way Mesh Turban Hairband


We've taken our most popular item, the Three in One Headband, and given it a new feminine twist by adding a cute flower emblem off-center.

The 3 in One style means this item can be worn as a headband, a beanie and as a neck warmer gaiter. This is possible because it is made from 2 layers of fabric stitched together off center in a cylindrical shape. By being sewn off center, when one end is closed the other opens up - this creates the beanie form. However if evenly open on both sides then a headband is formed, which can be lowered around the neck to act as a neck gaiter. This highly versatile item is a great fashion accessory for urban wear or for outdoor activities all year round. The mesh fabric offers great breath-ability for the skin while also giving UV protection.

*Can be hand washed in lukewarm water


Made with Polyester