Peak Hat - The Sports Headband Visor


The Headband Visor is designed as an all-round item for use as casual wear or sports.

As it is made from 100% Cotton, it is extremely kind to the skin - especially those who have sensitive skin or allergies, and is moisture absorbent, so will wick away sweat from your skin.

It has a unique design with a visor and cotton lining reaching to the top of the
your forehead, it keeps your head cool and prevents stuffiness. This hat is
great to use for long periods of time without feeling any discomfort. It is also perfect for those who have dred locks, extensions/weave and even a styled mohawk!

This design keeps your hair stylish while keeping them pesky UV rays out of your eyes - Suitable for all genders!

Brand: CHARM

Material: COTTON

Size: Fits head sizes 22-23.6 inches