Peak Hat - The Simple Stitch - 100% Cotton Work Cap


The Simple Stitch work cap is a summer hat that is made from soft material and can be comfortably worn for extended periods of time.

Made from 100% cotton it is soft to the touch and will absorb sweat away from the skin. The cap is designed to have a just tight fit and is especially well suited for summer as the 6cm deep brim will keep the sun out of your eyes and protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Made with Cotton, the Simple Stitch work cap will absorb sweat away from the skin and can be worn for long
periods of time without feeling uncomfortable.

The material has been reinforced to protect your head from harmful UV rays, and the 5.5cm (2.1inch) deep brim 
will keep the sun out of your eyes too! 

Although the hat is advertised as a summer hat, it is well suited to all seasons as Cotton is a very seasonally
flexible material. Known to cool you down the warmer months and absorb moisture, Cotton also
keeps your head warm during the cooler months as well. 

This hat is also made from Polyurethane, known to be a long last material which can last in high stress environments. 
It outperforms most materials against abrasions and heat, so a great hat for those in rough conditions. 

Material: 70% Polyurethane 30% Cotton

Brand: CHARM

Size: One size fits most. Suited for headsizes 57cm ~ 59cm (22.4inches ~ 23.22inches)