Women's Hat - The Nopo - Organic Cotton Sun Hat


The soft cotton casquette NOPO is made from 100% organic cotton and designed for practical daily use.

The wide brim provides protection from UV rays all around the head and face. It`s reversible design and colors allow it to be used with a variety of outfits. As it contains no solid parts, it is easy to put away in your bag when you don`t need it.

The organic cotton is an ideal fabric for those with sensitive skin or are concerned about the environment. As it contains no chemicals the cotton is the kindest fabric to skin. As no pesticides are used during the making of organic cotton, no harmful substances were released into the land used to grow it.

Cotton also has high levels of UV ray resistance so the NOPO is great at reducing the damage of sun rays which causes sun burn and premature ageing. Fits 55 - 58 cm / 21.6 - 22.8 inches.
Made from : 100% Organic cotton