The 100% Mulberry Silk Winter Beanie - SALE

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This 100% Silk beanie hat feels divine against your skin, as it has many health benefits. Those who are undergoing medical
treatment would want to consider purchasing one of these beanies as it is extremely kind to those with
sensitive skin and is the most hypoallergenic of all fabrics.

A natural heat regulator, it is able to maintain the air around your head at a comfortable temperature while
out and about, or lounging at home relaxing.
Silk also greatly improves scalp and hair health, as it contains natural cellular albumen which helps speed up metabolism of
skin cells to reduce signs of aging. Your hair will be able to move around freely within your beanie whilst
still staying snug, preventing damage and breakage of your hair.

Silk is also the most hygienic material, as it is resistant to dust, mold and other allergens.

Made in Japan

Approximate size when flat: 18cm x 24cm

Brand: Charm

Washing Instructions:
Please handwash your beanie using a mild, soapy detergent meant for delicates that does not contain bleach in lukewarm water. Wash gently in
the water for 2-3 minutes; then let the garment soak for 3-5 minutes.

Do not wring or twist your silk garment while it is in the water as silk gets weaker when wet, and the beanie may lose shape. And do not
soak the beanie in water for long periods of time, since this may cause the eventual fading of the color.
Once you're done soaking, rinse out the soap in running cold water.

To dry, roll the beanie up in a towel and squeeze gently until most of the water has been squeezed out of the beanie. Silk dries quickly so
after this place the beanie on a flat surface to dry away from direct sunlight.