Peak Hat - The Wool Winter Sun Hat

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We're proud to present the winter version of one of our most popular summer casquettes.
The casquette was designed to be as light as possible and is well suited for use in both autumn and winter.

Just the wool exterior of the hat should be enough to fight the cold but just in case we've added an extra boa on the inside to make sure you stay comfortably warm even on the coldest days.
As we perspire even in winter we've gone ahead and equipped the inside of the hat with an antibacterial mesh fabric to keep you from feeling stuffy.

*The main body is made with 100% recycled wool.
*As the hat is made with a blend of various materials they are all unique in composition and some materials may stand out more than others.

Body: 68% Wool 25% Polyester 4% Nylon 3% Acrylic
Boa: 100% Polyester
Inside: 100% Cotton

Fits approximate headsizes of 22-23.2 inches