Pile Fabric Night Cap

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The Pile Fabric is highly sweat absorbent made in Japan night cap. It provides the wearer with a safe and functional headpiece when sleeping.

The benefits of wearing a night cap include helping to reduce split ends, keeping hair moisturised, reducing hair friction as well as keeping you warm.

The Pile Fabric night cap is better than normal night caps as it contains anti-fungal properties which help prevent the spread of bacteria and body odors. Also, as it`s highlt sweat absorbent it can soak very large amounts of sweat away from your skin which helps to keep you drier and more comfortable.

The 5% spandex of the material ensures a good fit while preventing any pressure to build on the head through out the night.

Approximate dimensions when flat 20cm long and 14cm high / 7.9 by 5.5 inches

Made from Cotton 75%, Nylon 20%, Spandex 5%

Made in JAPAN