The Single - Outlast Thermal Stretch Beanie

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Using fabric technology developed by Nasa for spacesuits, we have produced a beanie that can be used for daily and sporting activities in all environments.

One size fits all however we have made 3 sizes available so you can choose the style and fit best for you.

The Outlast beanie from Charm maintains the temperature against you skin at 31-33 degrees centigrade, whether you be in the heat of the direct sun in summer or in the middle of winter.

By Storing and then releasing the heat as a reaction to the surrounding temperature, Outlast fabric keeps you more comfortable.

The beanie is even effective when worn under a helmet during cycling, motorbiking or other sports. Fits headsizes 56-60 cm / 22 - 23.5 inches.
Made from : 95% Rayon 5% Polyurethane