Night Cap - The Lyocell & Silk Chemo Hat

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Combining the softness of both the Lyocell and silk fabrics we bring you the Pentesu beanie.
Part of our winter collection this beanie is designed to keep you warm but it can also comfortably be worn in summer. Silk provides excellent insulation as well as UV protection which makes this a great beanie for any season.

Great for men and women to use as a night cap.

The beanie has a slight draping effect in the back. We've sewn in two tags in the back to help maintain the beanie's natural shape. This makes the hat easy to put on without much need for adjusting.
Can also be worn around the house.

What is silk?
Silk is sometimes called the queen of all fibres.
It is composed of the same protein as human skin and is therefore extremely well suited to be worn even on sensitive skin.
Silk absorbs perspiration, helps the skin stay moisturized, allows the skin to breathe, keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer and has UV cutting properties.

*Colors may vary slightly from the product image
*Prolonged expore to moisture may make colors run. We recommend properly air drying the beanie if it gets wet.

Fits approximate headsizes of 22 to 23.6 inches

Lyocell 90% Silk 10%

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