Summer Bucket Hat

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Summer = Bucket Hats! It's like the unspoken official accessory for every outdoor activity ever; Hiking, Kayaking, Bush Walking, Fishing, Camping... It's summer, but make it fashion.

These buckethats are available in a range of classic and new patterns! Leopard print, jungle vibes, pinapple tropical vacation print, rugrats 90s vibe and more!

All of these buckethats are made from 100% Cotton, so breatheable throughout the summer months while absorbing moisture, keeping the sweat off your brow.

Cotton is also safe for those with sensitive skin or undergoing treatment for illness such as chemotherapy for cancer or hair loss due to alopecia.

Summer is full of fun and cheerful patterns, so join in the brightness that is the season by showing it through your, if you choose this fishing cap, impeccable fashion taste.

Material: 100% Cotton

Size: L - Suits head sizes 54cm to 59cm

Ethically handmade in Thailand