Organic Cotton

Be kind to your body by choosing products made from Organic Cotton.

We sell a wide range of Organic Cotton headwear, perfect for you, your friends and family! To have Certified Organic Cotton, it must be certified by a specialized authority. The cropping process must be verified and meet the standards of organic farming. We produce safe organic cotton and provide our products with confidence by following this system.

It is particularly good for children and those with sensitive skin as there are no artificial chemicals used at any point of the cotton production or manufacture. Further to being good for the skin, it is also much better for the environment as organic cotton certification requires that the land used for production be free of man made chemicals for at least 3 years before cotton is planted.

At Casual box, our lead selling items are those that are made from Organic Cotton and we are very happy to present to you our Organic Cotton range. 

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