Slouchy Beanie - The 3-way Tenjiku - Beanie Hat, Headband & Neckwarmer


The 3 way Tenjiku is designed to be a reversible and versatile piece of head wear that gives the wearer a range of options.
The Tornado's primary shape is a beanie but with a mouldable hole at the top. The hole can be comfortably stretched out over the wearer`s head or neck. The elastic does not cause discomfit, even over long periods of time.
Suitable for men and women.
On colder days it can be worn as a neckwarmer in place of a scarf. On windy or snowy days it can be worn as a beanie or if you just want a casual way to keep your hair styled then it can be worn as a headband.

Organic cotton is particularly kind to the skin. In cooler weather it insulates heat and allows it to breath whilst also preventing perspiration to build up in warmer weather.

One size fits all. Approximate dimensions when flat 10.6 inches long and 11 inches wide.

Made from : 100% Certified Organic Cotton

See this video to see the three ways of wearing this item (item in the video differs from the product on this shopping page).