Mulberry Silk Hair Night Cap


Super soft and kind to the skin, silk is the most ideal fabric to create a comfortable night cap. Wearing a night cap is a proven way to help keep your scalp and hair moisturized and will keep your hair from getting tangled even when you toss and turn in your sleep. The silk night cap allows your skin to breathe and will keep you from feeling stuffy. This silk cap has elastic stitched into the hem, so will stay put through out the night while keeping your hair tucked into the repairing material.

One size fits most - Dimensions when flat: 9.44 by 6.2 inches / 24 by 16 cm, head sizes of 54cm~60cm (21.2in ~ 23.6in).

NOTE: Please be aware that fit can change according to your hair type too. Material: 100% Silk

Made in Japan