Beanie Hat - The 3D Hemp Knit Beanie


The cuffed beanie is designed as a unisex hat and looks great on men and women of all ages.

Why you'll love this summer beanie
Our hemp beanie is:
-Moisture wicking

Made with 100% high quality hemp

Grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides, hemp has attracted attention as an environmentally friendly fabric in recent years. Hemp can be harvested time and time again and doesn't deplete the soil like some other conventional materials do.

Combining practical design with fashion
The beanie is made using our 3d knitting technique, resulting in a seamless beanie that maintains its natural elasticity. This makes it a very comfortable item for a range of head sizes. The small metal "Charm" emblem sewn onto the side of the hat adds a sense of quality and fashionability.

Hemp can be washed in a washing machine, however because it is a natural fiber please keep the following points in mind:
-Colors may transfer so wash seperately from other laundry
-If left wet for a longer period the knit beanie may lose its color so dry immediately after washing
-Hemp has a higher tendency to shrink compared to other fabrics, therefore we recommend washing on a slow tumble on low heat
-To be sure to maintain the hat's shape we recommend arranging it before drying
-Wash with a natural detergentant that doesn't contain bleach and optical brighteners

Brand: Charm

Fabric: Hemp

One size fits most: Best fits head sizes of 21 to 23 inches (54 to 59 cm)