The Tassle Headband


The Viscose Headband Scarf from Charm is based on our popular Rayon Headband Scarf. Made with high quality Viscose it is a hair band that can be worn by men and women in any season.

The design of the hair band recalls the golden heydays of the 60's and 70's and is influenced by modern festival fashion.
It offers you with a head accessory that mixes well with bohemian and boho fashion but can also be combined with other casual or sporty fashion and can even be worn when you are dressing up! The scarf tassels (50cm / 19.7 inches) continue from the main body and can be tied off or left loose. Wear the head scarf with the tassels arranged in the back or side of your head to suit your style of the day. The tassels are purely decorative as the elastic band keeps the headband in place.

The Viscose material keeps your head cool and wicks aways sweat making it a great partner for when you are doing yoga, Pilates or are out on your morning jog.

Brand: Charm

Fabric: Viscose

One size fits most: Best fits head sizes 54 to 59 cm