The Viscose Bandana Headband - 24 Colors


The Viscose bandana has been designed from the Rayon arrange series. We've taken on customer feedback and created the Viscose bandana to make it simpler to wear but with the same appearance as the Rayon arrange headband.

Made with 10% spandex the bandana will give a great fit without causing pressure or discomfort while keeping your hair in place.

Fits head sizes of 22.4 to 23.6 inches
Please note; only black is available in a large size, which fits head sizes of 24 to 24.5 inches.

 Approximate dimensions when flat 9.4 inches long and 11.8 inches high. Black item approximate dimensions when flat 10.6 inches long 11.8 inches high.

Made from : 90% Viscose Rayon 10% Spandex

Brand: CHARM