The Ultra Cooling Sports Beanie


This Sports beanie is made from sports material that is developed by Cool Max which provides excellent moisture absorption away from the skin. Even during strenuous exercise, this beanie will keep you dry and cool with its ventilating fabric.

A perfect year round item, whether it is for casual or sports use. Elasticated for a comfortable fit, it won't cause pressure to  build on your head even after long periods of wear. It is made in Japan to the quality and attention to design and detail which you would expect.

What is Cool Max?
COOLMAX technology has specially designed fibers that transport moisture away from your body to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates. So if the temperature is high, or you're being active, garments made with COOLMAX fiber help keep you cool, dry and comfortable longer.

- High consistency on fabric performance over time
- Easy-care
- Good moisture management and wicking performance
- Good air permeability
- Must meet a minimum insulation (CLO) requirement
- Good fabric stability
- Permanent moisture management performance
- Excellent washfast and colorfast performance

Size: Fits 56 - 61 cm / 22 - 23.5 inches.

Material: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

Brand: CHARM

Made in Japan!